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MTN Ghana launches eSIM to its customers

The eSim is a virtual SIM that manufacturers incorporate into mobile and smart devices. The convenience of changing between numbers on a single SIM device is available to customers. Customers can connect their smart gadgets, such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables, using MTN Ghana eSIM.

Both postpaid customers and cooperative users who use Pay as you go (Prepaid) plans can use the eSIM. Digital evaluation is possible with the my MTN App. Customers whose numbers are already registered will have their eSIMs upgraded. Using the Ghana Card, new subscribers will go through the standard registration process, and their registration will be recorded. Upon successful activation, every new eSIM comes with a complimentary 10GB one-time, non-expiring data bundle.

Noel Kojo Ganson, the Chief Commercial Officer of MTN Ghana, commented on the launch of the eSIM service and remarked that it confirms MTN Ghana’s commitment to digital solutions for African advancement and offering our valued clients with the advantages of a contemporary connected life.

He said, “As a brand , we continue to show that enhancing customer experience, leveraging digitalisament to offering value-added solutions to our existing as we as potential customers.

The introduction of the eSIM is in line with MTN’s vision to lead the delivery of a bold , new digital world to its customers and to fulfill its Ambition 2025 objectives. The eSIM will allow customers to access multiple devices with eSIM compatibility and enhance customer experience. It offers subscriptions to millions of devices without the existing SIM card logistics. It is also to enhance customer experience with immediate connectivity for their new device”

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