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Vodafone director advises girls to apply STEM to real-world issues

Young women are being urged by Vodafone Ghana’s Angela Mensah-Poku, Director of Digital and Commercial Operations, to apply their STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills to real-world issues.

During the EVE project’s initial session, which had as its theme “The Status of Ghanaian Women,” Angela delivered these remarks during a panel discussion.

Due to their lack of exposure to how technology is used in society, Angela noticed that the majority of job applicants lack practical skills.

“As young women in STEM, you must be pragmatic with the education you obtain,” she recommended in her submission. “Consider how you can apply the knowledge you have gained to address issues in society.”

In my field, for example, I am on the lookout for candidates who have experience with artificial intelligence, cyber security, cloud computing, robots, automation, and digital marketing. So, while you are pursuing an education in physics, math, or any other STEM discipline, you must consider how you will apply your knowledge in society.”

The director added that collaboration between organizations was necessary to apply STEM expertise.

She outlined how Vodafone Ghana has set the bar high in this regard by actively attempting to introduce young women to the internship experience of working in a real firm. She added that Vodafone Ghana’s inclusion of women in senior positions gives these young ladies “real-life examples and role models who show what can be done after getting an education.”

Angela claims that initiatives like the Female Engineering Students Sponsorship Program have made Vodafone Ghana’s efforts successful. The program is a crucial component of the telco’s initiatives to promote inclusion and diversity. It collaborates with renowned STEM institutions to identify the top female engineering graduates and assist them in becoming pioneers in their professions.

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