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Ghana Police Service sued for manhandling a man.

A person who claims that certain uniformed men have been manhandling him has filed a lawsuit against the Ghana Police Service and is seeking GH500,000 in damages.

The head of the Owuahene Royal Family of Boadi in the Ashanti Region, Kwabena Badu, claims that he petitioned the Ghana Police Service’s Police Intelligence Professional Standard Bureau to look into the situation but that it received little attention; as a result, he decided to turn to the legal system.

The complainant claims that on November 19, 2021, he was detained by police officers because of a protracted land dispute between his family and certain other chiefs in the Ashanti Region.

He claimed that while being transported to the Manhyia police station, police personnel physically abused him.

According to Kwabena Badu, the police did not even file charges against him or collect his cautionary statement, instead holding him in custody for a number of hours.

He claimed that the experience he went through at the hands of the police officers caused his health to worsen.

He expressed disappointment in the Ghana Police Service for failing to conduct an investigation and have the accused police personnel disciplined for the claimed improper conduct, but added that he believed the law court would be his only chance to obtain justice.

“I got to the office in the morning only to meet the police at the premises. I told them I was not well and that they should give me time to prepare and go with them. But they didn’t listen to any of that and instead took me into their vehicle.

On our trip to the police station, they attacked me. They refused to let my wife go, despite her requests. I got hurt in a few different places on my body. I was detained and my statement was not recorded. When I reported the issue to the Police Intelligence Professional Standards Bureau, nothing happened, according to Kwabena Badu.

The victim claims that the cops mistreated him and is seeking compensation from them.

The victim stated, “I instructed my attorneys to pursue the claim so that I may be reimbursed for what they have done to me.

Nana Kwasi Osei Bonsu, the victim’s attorney, is dissatisfied that the Ghana Police Service did nothing to bring the allegedly involved policemen to justice.

The victim’s attorney, Nana Kwasi Osei Bonsu, stated: “I am seeking compensation of a significant amount for my client and also requesting a perpetual restraining order restraining those police officers who were engaged in the alleged arrest since his rights were violated.”

You may read the full writ here

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