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UG Management denies any security issues on Campus

Claims that there has been disorder on campus that management of the school is unable to control by providing security have been disputed by management of the University of Ghana, Legon.

This follows the University of Ghana (UG) Management’s Tuesday decision to forbid continuing students from the Mensah Sarbah and Commonwealth Halls from having a planned news conference on campus.

According to reports, the management of the two halls and university security clashed as a result of the aforementioned management decision.

Professor Gordon Awandare, the university’s pro-vice chancellor, told Citi News that there has been peace on campus and that no security concerns need to be addressed.

“There is no issue here, the whole place is calm and people are going about their business and there are no security issues here, and I am not sure why people are talking about security situations because there is nothing going on here.”

He went on to refute allegations that Management singled out specific individuals for whom it was trying its hardest to make their time on campus unpleasant.

“We are not interested in crippling anybody, but we have a responsibility to ensure that students who want to have a peaceful life on campus are given that and that is what we are doing by taking steps to ensure that students can have a peaceful life on campus.”

“We have had several investigations and certain facts have been established, and we have taken actions based on the facts that have been established so far. We don’t need to wait for everything to be concluded before we take action, we work with the facts that we have as we go along,” Prof Awandare further stated.

Source: Citinewsroom

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