GA West Municipality to persecute traders on the streets

Clement Nii Lamptey Wilkinson, the municipal chief executive of the Ga West Municipality, has given notice that the assembly will begin pursuing vendors who sell on the local streets.

Instead of using the Amasaman market, the MCE declared that selling on the streets was illegal.

As a result, he has told the vendors to shift to the market because customers will be there to make purchases.

Contrary to assertions that customers do visit the market to make purchases, he claimed, they would really migrate to the market.
The traders should relocate to the market, he remarked while speaking on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm.

“If they go there and there is no space., we would know what to do. We will not allow them to sell on the streets. There is no plan for them to sell on the streets. In the next few days, we will start prosecuting all those selling on the streets.

”Nobody should plan to sell on the road. The market is there. They should go there and sell. The Amasaman market is there, the roadside is not a market. A time is coming, and this is the time. I have no plans for them on the roadside. They should move to the market. When they get there, and the market is full up, we will get another plan for them.”


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