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Policewomen masquerading as prostitutes to fish out criminals

Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, the Inspector General of Police, has described how his administration plans to combat crime while maintaining order in the police force.

Dr. Dampare stated his administration has adopted and implemented various intelligence-collecting strategies, such as deploying some police women masquerading as prostitutes as baits, during a durbar with police officers on Friday in the Bono Regional Capital.

He pointed out that as a result, crime has decreased nationwide.

Some of them including some women, we were using them as baits – they dress as prostitutes unknown to everybody… to get intelligence for us and things we do you don’t know or you think that the crime in the country has just shot to the lowest level magically? Do you know the things we have done? If we are to tell you, it will blow your mind,” he is quoted in a report by

Regarding the subject of discipline inside the organization, Dr. Dampare claimed that his administration had also fought a non-discriminatory fight against indiscipline, which had so far resulted in the arrest and subsequent charges of about 18 police officers for different traffic offenses.

“It is not the arrest we are interested in, we feel very uncomfortable arresting people because sometimes our own are arrested.

“When we started this policy of bringing discipline across the country, as many as about 18 Police officers have been arrested and put to the court for many traffic offenses,” he said.

He stated that the police administration he oversaw was dedicated to honoring effort, achievement, and dedication.
“For this whole idea that we are the people who know our rights and that why is this person promoted and not promoted while the laws are there? It means you don’t read – go and read your CI.

“What you should know is that something that has never happened before has happened on our watch and that type of promotion that is done probably to some few people at headquarters and others, we changed it… the Commanders they know the people who are killing themselves for this job, identify them as long as they are two years in their rank, we will promote them,” the IGP said.

Source: Ghanaweb

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