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NPP will win the 2024 election hands down-Owusu Bempah

According to Ernest Owusu Bempah, the NPP’s deputy director of communications, Nana Addo’s administration would address the nation’s current economic problems, set us on the correct course, and win in the 2024 elections.

He claims that despite the severe difficulties brought on by the war between Russia and Ukraine and the COVID-19 outbreak, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has managed the economy better.

He revealed to journalists in Accra on Wednesday that the country’s growth rate was 8% before the pandemic as opposed to John Mahama’s 3%, which was unaffected by the Russia/Ukraine war and the Covid-19 pandemic.

He claimed that demonstrates to Ghanaians how, in spite of the circumstances, the NPP has handled the economy better.


“One can imagine if John Mahama and his NDC were leading this country, by now Ghanaians will be wallowing in abject poverty, and people wouldn’t be able to afford three square meals a day.

“There will be total darkness because of dumsor, joblessness will be the order of the day, and the youth will be perplexed if Mahama had been the leader of this country at this time.

“Despite all the challenges now, school children are going to school for free, and road networks are being built across the country.”

He said all these infrastructure developments wouldn’t have happened if Mahama was in power.

“They will blame it on the economic challenge,” he added.

Before the elections in 2024, Ernest Owusu Bempah thinks the NPP will elect the finest leader, put the nation back on track, and enable it to “break the eight.”

“The NDC with John Mahama as an alternative is empty, they have been there before when there were no crises, we saw what they did and they have nothing to offer,” he said.


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