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Malnutrition cases are on the rise in Ghana

The Paediatric Society of Ghana is concerned that Ghana’s current financial difficulties are contributing to malnutrition.

The organisation claims that more people are finding it challenging to eat two whole square meals each day.

Because of the difficulties, the nation is currently facing, malnutrition is already a problem, according to Dr. Hilda Mantebea, president of the Pediatric Society.

She lamented the high price of eggs today.

She bemoaned how expensive a pound of meat and a fish were right now.

She claimed that people are not eating well as a result of the economic difficulties.

She pointed out that this has serious health repercussions for the nation.

On Tuesday, March 7, 2023, Dr. Mantebea made this statement during an interview with Class91.3FM..

“All these points to how people are coping with the current hardships,” she said, adding: “When your immune system goes down, it leads to all manner of diseases.”

But, Dr. Mantebea is pleading with the government to move quickly to procure vaccines for infant immunization.

There have been shortages of polio vaccines and other vaccines for children under five years old for several weeks.

According to the president of the Pediatric Society, this circumstance will make the nation’s existing health problems worse.

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