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NDC executives to give Mahama emphatic and complete endorsement

National Democratic Congress (NDC) Branch and Constituency Executives are publicly endorsing John Dramani Mahama as the party’s presidential candidate for 2024 in many different parts of the nation.

Executives have largely declared their support, endorsement, and votes for Mr. Mahama in the May 13 primaries. He commenced his campaign earlier this month in Ho, and as of now, he has toured four regions to do so.

The venues for John Mahama’s constituency meetings are packed to capacity with non-executives and party supporters coming to remind their executives that they only demand an emphatic and complete endorsement of John Mahama.

“A failed experiment has no place in our party. In addition to having experience, John Mahama has also been put to the test. He and his works are well known. According to a representative from the Jaman North Constituency, “John Mahama’s growth gave us what we have today in Jaman.

Mr. Mahama thanked the people for their prayers and support and gave them his word that he would fight tirelessly with them in every part of the nation to secure the presidency and the majority of seats in parliament.

The former president thanked God for his life while speaking to business leaders in the Ahafo Area and said, “He has always been my guide.”

Despite the clear overwhelming support from the NDC’s rank and file, President Mahama has chosen to visit every constituency to campaign and engage with the party’s structures. He has so far traveled to the Ahafo, Bono, Bono East, and Volta Regions.

He has urged the executives to work harder, show more unity, and increase their devotion, and he has insisted that campaign and party resources and logistics must be distributed to the branches where they are required.

With togetherness, we shall win the 2024 elections, salvage what is left of our bankrupt country and build the Ghana we want, together,” he added.

Credit: Citinewsroom

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