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They are not taking responsibility as I did- Mahama blasts NPP

John Dramani Mahama, the former leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has blasted the Akufo-Addo-Bawumia administration, calling it a government that shies away from taking accountability.

“Nothing can be fixed if the leader cannot take responsibility”, he insisted.

He asserts that assuming responsibility is a sign of effective leadership, and that President Akufo-Addo lacks this trait.

What is making it difficult for them to govern is that they are not people who listen to advice. They never accept their mistakes, so they are not able to learn from their mistakes. Notwithstanding the poor state of Ghana’s economy, still they are not accepting responsibility.”

Addressing on Tuesday to NDC branch and constituency executives in the Awutu Senya East and West Constituencies as part of his campaign to lead his party to the 2024 presidential election, Mr. Mahama said:

When you listen to them, they say it is not their fault. Are they saying it is the fault of Ghanaians? Who went for all those loans? It was them. Yet whenever you tune in to the news, they say it was Covid-19 that caused our problems. They say it was Russian-Ukraine that caused them.

He voiced dismay that the president did not follow his lead, but he also noted that he has not changed his refusal to take accountability for the country’s appalling condition.

When the President went to Parliament to deliver the State of the Nation Address, I thought he would accept responsibility the way I did when we had an energy crisis in this country. I did not cause it; it was caused by a lack of addition to our (power) generation for many years. So, it got to a time, our demand had exceeded our ability to generate power,” he explained.

“I went to Parliament. I did not say I did not cause it. I said you elected me to take responsibility, so I take responsibility for it, and I will fix it. That is what leadership is about. This is a President who cannot take responsibility and if you can’t take responsibility, you can’t fix anything,” he said to wild cheers.

Former President Mahama is on a three-day ‘Building Ghana we want together’ campaign tour of the twenty-three constituencies in the Central Region.

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