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Mahama to award branch and constituency executives

John Dramani Mahama, the National Democratic Congress (NDC(aspirant) )’s presidential candidate, has proposed an award program that would recognize branches and constituencies of the party for their hard work in boosting the party’s legislative and presidential votes in 2024.

Mr. Mahama, who has insisted that his 2024 campaign will be supported by the branches during his tour of different constituencies, claims that the award program is meant to both set goals for the constituencies and motivate them to achieve those goals.

We are going to institute a reward system for constituencies and branches. We’ll give every constituency a target and if you meet the target and exceed it, the branch and constituency will be rewarded”, he announced to wild cheers from the executives.

Before to the NDC’s May 13, 2023, presidential primaries, Mahama is currently on a three-day campaign tour of the 23 seats in the central region.

He claims that the campaign’s logistics and necessary campaign materials will support both the branch level and award scheme. Also, he warned regional and constituency executives against holding onto campaign supplies and other resources at the expense of the branches where the actual canvassing of voters takes place.

In order to engage, mobilize, and canvass the votes, President Mahama says he will decentralize his 2024 campaign far more than he did in 2020. He will work with the branches and constituencies to do this.

The Volta, Bono East, Bono, Ahafo, Ashanti, and Western regions are among the six others that the former president has already visited.

Credit: Citinewsroom

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