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Kelvin Taylor jabs MTN for canceling Zone bundle without prior notice


MTN Ghana has come under fire from Kelvin Eko Baidu Taylor, CEO of Loud Silence Media, for abruptly ending its zone bundle promotion without giving clients adequate notice.

The With All Due Respect Anchor thinks the choice made by the telecom giants is bad for business and shows utter disregard for their loyal clients.

He claimed that MTN Ghana might have informed its customers of its decision to stop providing that service.


He said “Your Ghanaian customers of Zone Bundle need to be treated with respect and not like fools. If you have an internet offer you are turning off for whatever reason, you don’t do that abruptly, you serve notice and give reasons why the offer is being taken off because you have a contract with your customers”

He emphasized that the company shouldn’t assume it can survive if Ghanaians opt to switch to a rival network instead. 

“Will Mtn be Mtn if users decide to ditch the network provider for another one?
Do not in your thinking believe Mtn cannot collapse in Ghana if the users decide to revolt against some of these useless unilateral decisions your outfit takes.” He opined
He continued by saying that in the past, more prosperous businesses have failed to survive the market, and MTN is no exception.
“There are a lot more sophisticated companies that collapsed in many part of the world because of similar actions as Mtn Ghana takes here in Ghana.”
The outspoken TV personality claimed that Ghana is the only modern economy where this is possible.
“You know Mtn cannot do whatever they have done to the Zone Bundle offer by just taking off without notice to their clients in any European Country or America right?”

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