How to be a success

Although I haven’t posted in a long, today I feel like having a discussion with you.
For us to consider, I have this piece.

The majority of us don’t fail because we aren’t smart or anything like that; rather, we fail because we lack the 4Ds: desire, direction, dedication, and discipline. In order to achieve, you must adopt a positive outlook. Everything in this world is based on attitudes.
Your financial attitudes and interpersonal relationships, whether on a personal or professional level, reveal who you are.
You must first change your attitudes if you want to succeed.
You may wonder what these attitudes are that you talk so much about.

Well, in the most basic sense, your personal attitude is what motivates you to respond to events and circumstances.

Let me tell you a story about a man who made his living selling balloons at events, or should I say fairs. He made the decision to pump one balloon with helium and release it into the air anytime he noticed that sales were down. Children will rush to buy the balloon from him as soon as they see it, increasing his sales. This went on for a very long period of time. Then, one day, he felt someone pulling on his jacket. He turned around to see a youngster, who asked the man, “Sir, will the black balloon fly if you release it?””Son, it’s not the balloon’s color that causes it to rise; it’s what’s inside,” the man remarked calmly as he turned to face the small kid.

How can you identify with this fairytale?

The things inside of you (your attitudes) are what will carry you to tremendous heights, not who you are or the color of your skin. Your social standing, ethnic background, or educational background cannot dim your brilliance; however, your attitudes are your downfall.Attitudes are the foundation of success in any effort.Given that success depends on attitudes, it makes sense to evaluate your general outlook on life.

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